Before we get to the pictures of boring stuff like camera rigs and cranes in weird places, you need to know I’ve worked with a lot of big names.

This is me with James P. Sullivan (“Sulley”). My 3 year old daughter nearly lost her shit when I showed her this picture. Now that you are impressed, let’s get on with it.

A few camera rigs and screen grabs.

So basically, I can rig a camera just about anywhere. Below is a Phoenix Crane next to a river for historical purposes.

I have a secret past as a special effects guy and stunt man which has made me the “specialty” grip. I have a workshop and have rigged together a few oddball contraptions.

Out of control grill. Heat waves in front of the lens was popular at once point.

Ads for water parks that need giant splashes or talking inner tubes.

Piles of ping pong balls that start flying or eyes that spray green liquid for some reason?

Clay Simczyk