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Clay Simchick - Key Grip
based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Boat rig for Wisconsin Tourism. (70mph)
Rigging services range from camera mounts on nearly anything: cars, boats, roller coasters, trains, Splash Cam rigging, jibs, dollies, cranes. I also build suspension rigs for props and stunt-actors, including pyrotechnic quick release latches.

Actor suspended in a tangle of christmas lights for Dish Network.

This is one of many Splash Cam Rigs that were built for
water rides in Wisconsin Dells.

(above and below)
Go Kart rigs for Wisconsin Dells Tourism.

Using a golf cart as a stedi-cam dolly for the
NBC Pilot The Watch.

Roller Coaster rig. Me and gaffer Bradd Romant testing the rig (above).

Camera rigged off a boat.

A camera rig on a Flight For Life helicopter.

6 foot zoomie "slider" on Cascade Mountain.

Gurney rig.

Bicycle rig for Trek.